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Individual and Group Sessions

Creating Space

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Group Work

Individual Sessions

Image by Estée Janssens

Art Therapy group work is specifically designed for each organization, school, or Community Services.  The focus is on the exploration and discovery of personal experiences, developing self-awareness, increasing self-esteem, and assisting in psycho-social skills.  The dynamics within the group play an important part in the healing process for the individual through shared experiences and group support. 

At Create Centre, clients are invited to explore current challenges through a combination of art-making, story-telling, movement, and drama.  Most importantly a safe, inviting, and confidential space for clients to explore their inner strengths, and to use those strengths to create connections with themselves and others.

3-8 people

$50.00 per person/hour, minimum 3 hours

All art materials & refreshments are provided.  

Art Therapy is for people of all ages, from children as young as four years to grownups as old and wise as one hundred!

In this creative space, your curiosity will be ignited through the invitation to play and explore different art mediums, such as the visual arts, expressive arts, drama, puppetry, masks, movement, and dance. This engagement with creative play invites our subconscious mind to step forward to explore ourselves, and our interactions with others, and to learn how to embrace change. 


NDIS participants

Fees set by NDIS as of September 2022 - $193.99 per hour.

Capacity Building - Improved Living.


NDIS Service Provider No. 431547177

Private participants

A one-hour individual session is $120 or $190.00 for one and a half hours.

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